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Puppy Teething: Timeline, Symptoms, and Solutions

Congratulations on your new furry friend! As a puppy owner, there are a few stages your dog will go through, one of the first being teething. Puppy teething, although sometimes challenging, is completely normal. Keep reading to learn when a puppy will teeth and what this experience may bring, plus get some tips on how to survive any nipping that may coincide.


When Does Puppy Teething Start

A puppy’s mouth is filled with 28 little teeth! The typical puppy teething age is quite early, at just two weeks old. Meaning, your puppy may not even be in your home yet by the time their teeth start coming in. By the time your puppy comes home at 8 weeks old, they will already have a full set of baby chompers and be ready to start exploring. 


Will My Puppy’s Teeth Fall Out?

In short, yes! People tend to have a mini freak out when their puppy spits out a tiny tooth, but don’t worry. This is completely normal and no cause for concern. The puppy teething stage will be over in a short 6 months. At this point, all of a puppy’s baby teeth should have fallen out, allowing room for their 42 adult teeth to grow in. If you notice there are any stragglers, you may need to contact the vet. A veterinarian can remove a tooth to help this process along, and prevent your puppy from being in unnecessary pain.


Symptoms of Puppy Teething

Knowing your puppy will start to lose their teeth at this age, there are a few symptoms of puppy teething that you can keep an eye out for. To start, your puppy may drool excessively. They might even paw at their mouths. You may notice small amounts of blood on their puppy toys. Although less common, some puppies may also get a little sick, causing them to have a decrease in appetite, upset stomach, and unusual stools. Don’t be alarmed by any of these symptoms, unless they occur for a prolonged period. So then when does puppy teething stop? Around 6 months old your puppy should have lost all of their puppy teeth and have most of their adult teeth.


How to Soothe a Teething Puppy

Just like human babies, your puppy will be quite uncomfortable during teething. Their gums will be sore and they will bite and chew anything and everything they can reach for some relief. This includes nipping at fingers and toes! To help soothe their gums and teach them which items are okay to bite and chew, we recommend the following:


A Kong toy – Kong toys are popular amongst dog owners for their durability. Made with a soft rubber, their puppy teething stick soothes gums and cleans their teeth; thanks to Denta-Ridges™. For even more fun you can slather it in a dog-safe peanut butter or another tasty paste food product. In general, keeps lots of toys on hand for your puppy to choose from, versus furniture or limbs.


Frozen foods – Like babies, cold or frozen foods are especially soothing for painful gums. Freeze your puppy’s favorite fruits and/or veggies and let them go to town. If they like ice cubes, they work well too.


Himalayan Dog Chew – A long-lasting treat and toy in one, this product is a hard smoked cheese chew made with yak and/or cow milk. Aside from being tasty, it takes hours to be chewed down; perfect for a teething puppy! Its a great way to entertain and keep them busy, plus it will be a treat that they continue to love as they grow. 



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