Giving back through CBD for Pets.

To further support our mission and protect our best friends, Frenchie Fries Co. dedicates 3% of our profits each month to local and national charities. Our contributions support organizations that fight against animal cruelty, rescue, feed, shelter, train, and find loving homes for pets.


The more you purchase hemp oil for dogs and the other products that we offer, the more we give back.

Thank you for your support.


Supporting our local communities.

Frenchie Fries Co. is grateful for the support from our local communities. A portion of our monthly donations go to organizations in the greater south coast counties working tirelessly to find a safe and loving home for every rescue pet in our backyard.

woods humane society logo

WOODS Humane Society
San Luis Obispo, CA

Woods is committed to finding loving homes for all healthy and treatable pets, no matter how long it takes.  With our behavior and veterinary resources, we are able to go the extra mile for animals in need.

humane society logo

SMV Humane Society
Santa Maria, CA

 SMVHS provides shelter for animals in crisis, rescue efforts, and “Pet Food Pantry” for dogs and cats in need helps thousands more animals each year.

pets charity

Santa Barbara, CA

C.A.R.E.4Paws works to reduce pet overpopulation, keep animals out of shelters, and improve quality of life for pets and pet owners in need.

charity care for pets

Ventura, CA

Canine Adoption and Rescue League’s mission is to advocate for animal welfare, seeking to end the needless deaths of companion animals through our adoption, education, and outreach programs.

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Fight the big fight to end suffering for all animals.

By supporting Frenchie Fries Co. you’re also helping to fight the good fight, globally.   


“Together with millions of supporters, we take on puppy mills, factory farms, the fur trade, trophy hunting, animal cosmetics testing and other cruel industries. We rescue and care for thousands of animals every year through our Animal Rescue Team’s work and other hands-on animal care services. We fight all forms of animal cruelty to achieve the vision behind our name: A humane society.”         – The Humane Society