cbd hemp oil to soothe pet

Using CBD Hemp Oil to Soothe Your Pet


As a pet owner, your furry best friend’s mental and emotional health is of the utmost importance. So what if we told you that an estimated 70% of dogs display anxiety? And, that veterinarians treat between 25-30% of their feline patients for symptoms of anxiety? It tells us that an awful lot
of pets, more considering the likelihood of underreporting, may suffer from some form of anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety will not get better on its own and will most likely worsen over time. Learn about anxiety in pets, including why it occurs and potential indicators, and how CBD hemp oil can be used to soothe your pet.


Nervous Behavior In Pets

The first step to treating any pet is determining why they are experiencing anxiety. For cats and dogs alike, anxiety is most often due to fear, separation, or age. Fear-related anxiety can occur for a wide number of reasons, making it difficult to determine a root cause. They can be afraid of the most nonsensical things, from certain types of movement, new environments, strange smells, loud noises, and so on. Separation anxiety, an especially common problem, that typically occurs when your pet is left alone for a time or physically separated from their owner. It can lead to troublesome issues, including urination, excessive vocalization, destructive or aggressive behaviors, overgrooming, and more. Finally, age-related anxiety is often due to the gradual loss of senses and cognitive function. As with humans, it can be
unnerving. A lack of senses means that your pet may become more easily startled. In some cases, age-related pains may lead to anxiety, such as joint issues.


Treating Nervous Behavior 

The first solution most pet owners will look into is medicine for anxiety. Frequently prescribed medicine for pet anxiety includes SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) and antidepressants, such as fluoxetine and clomipramine. While in some circumstances a veterinary prescribed medication may be necessary, pets may also benefit from CBD hemp oil. CBD oil or cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system found throughout the body and in the nervous system. CBD has been found to be effective at connecting with these receptors, in turn stimulating the production of serotonin. This naturally
occurring mood stabilizer will assist your pet in remaining calm despite potential triggers. Equally important, a natural remedy such as non-THC CBD oil does not come with the long list of potential
side effects that vet prescribed medications often do. For the commonly prescribed clomipramine, this can include but is not limited to lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, elevated liver enzymes, difficulty urinating, or tiredness. When it comes to CBD, you reap the benefits with few to no risks.


How to Administer CBD Oil to Your Pet

There are a few methods by which to administer CBD oil to your pet. By far one of the most effective methods is to apply the oil directly to their gums. You can do this by gently lifting their lip and squirting it onto the gum or applying it with your finger. If your pet does not like your hands near their mouth or are generally fussier, you can simply add the oil to their food. Some
animals enjoy the taste, whereas for others you may have to mix it into the food. To make dosage less of a guessing game, we have created two different products based on the size of your pet;
small and large. Even better, each product is carefully measured as it is meant to last around a month. If your pet is completely adverse to CBD oil you can apply it to their favorite treat in order to desensitize them. Alternatively, check out our CBD Calming Chews. Available in a delicious chicken flavor, these treats are perfect for a pet who needs help coping with stressors on a daily basis.


At Frenchie Fries Co. we think you and your pet deserve the best. That means providing a product that is 100% natural and organic and specifically tailored to support the needs of your pet. Our chews and tinctures are a woof-tastic alternative that makes for a happier pet and pet-owner all around. Check out our products today, and be sure to sign up for our email to stay in the know about recent pet-related medical research!


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