ailments that affect senior dogs

5 Common Ailments That Affect Dogs


With age comes new and increasing aches and pains, a fact that is true not only for humans but our furry friends. Whether you recently added a senior dog to your pack or your long-time pet has begun to show signs of aging, you no doubt want to provide them with the highest quality of life possible. While research on the benefits of CBD for pets remains in the early stages, scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests promising results. If you have an ataşehir escort elderly pet, keep reading to learn 5 ways the life of your senior dog could be enriched by CBD.


 Nervous Behavior 

While anxiety is a common behavioral problem for dogs in general, it is increasingly prevalent in senior dogs. This can stem from a number of reasons and/or conditions, from the unnerving gradual loss of senses to decreased mobility due to joint paint, as well as fears and phobias. Any of these root problems can cause anxiety in senior dogs and lead to a hindered quality of life or new and concerning behaviors. This includes but is not limited to restlessness, an increase in agitation, irritability or aggression, a disinterest in attention, compulsive behaviors, house soiling, and excess vocalization. In terms of anxiety, CBD increases the natural, mood-stabilizing chemical serotonin. Therefore it can be administered prior to stressful events, such as grooming, boarding, and prior to the arrival of new guests.


Decreased Appetite

A dog experiencing nausea can be quite concerning and hard to diagnose. It can have many possible causes, including a change in diet, digesting something they shouldn’t have, motion sickness, and next to any disease or condition. While it does not always coincide, nausea may also cause a senior dog to experience a lack of appetite. However, it is important to note that this may also be due to a decrease in taste and smell, or a known or underlying health condition. Rather than immediately treating your dog with Benadryl for nausea, which can have severe side effects, consider CBD. A 2011 study determined that CBD can help control nausea and vomiting in animals; results of which are highly backed by the pet community.


Hip and Joint Mobility  

Joint and mobility problems specifically caused by arthritis or osteoarthritis are common in middle age to senior dogs. Why a dog is experiencing these pains can be difficult to diagnose, although there are several risk factors that can predispose a dog to develop this condition. Such as large or giant breed dogs, obesity, poor conformation, poor nutrition, genetics, infections or injuries, repetitive stress from high activity levels, and of course, age. While there are plenty of over-the-counter solutions available, many owners would prefer to reduce the use of dog pain medications that can compromise the quality of life due to side effects. As shown by a 2018 study, CBD is an all-natural compound that can promote hip and joint mobility hindered by osteoarthritis.. So your dog can get back to being themselves!


Uncomfortable Allergies

In older dogs, the most common skin conditions are those that are chronic or new. Chronic dog skin conditions being dog allergies, such as atopic dermatitis. Unsightly and uncomfortable, this condition can cause severe itchiness, discolored skin, and hair loss. A new skin condition is that which is not typically long-lasting, including Demodex mites and Hypothyroidism. In any of these circumstances, there is promising potential for the use of CBD. By positively stimulating and thereby supporting the endocannabinoid system, which includes the skin, CBD can boost the health and regeneration of skin cells. The regulation of skin cells will alleviate many of a dog’s discomforts, as well as excessive grooming, scratching or biting, and rubbing.


Digestion Health

Pet owners love their furry family members and the numbers show it. In 2019, pet owners spent $36.9 billion on pet food and treats. We care what our pets eat and how it impacts their bodies, which is why when our dog’s digestive health takes a nosedive, we are quick to search for a solution. In senior dogs, digestive problems can start small and seem relatively benign but quickly escalate. Whether your dog has an allergy(s), has been diagnosed with an illness, or has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, CBD can be used to give your pet a boost. By supporting the naturally produced chemicals of the digestive tract, CBD is shown to inhibit the side effects of digestive diseases.


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