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How to Use the Hemp Oil Dogs Love


In recent years, the use of hemp-derived CBD oil for humans and canines alike has spread through the veterinary and pet-owning communities. 


Given that it’s a new solution, diligent pet owners want to make sure they’re administering it correctly. As with any new product, a good guideline to go by is: start low; go slow. 


Pet owners can be reassured, too, that a 2017 World Health Organization report relates that cannabidiol in its pure state is safe and well-tolerated by animals, causing no side effects. Other studies echoed these findings. Pharmaceuticals prescribed at veterinary clinics have long lists of far more serious side-effects. 


Hemp-derived CBD oil is not regulated as a controlled substance. It is legal in most states to be sold over the counter in pet stores and other stores and even some manufactures have FDA compliant facilities. Use these guidelines to make sure your dog gets hemp oil’s full benefits. 


Select the Purest and Potent Hemp Oil

Evaluating different CBD and hemp oil products for your dog can be confusing. Your first task is to understand how CBD oil and hemp oil overlap. When someone recommends hemp oil for your dog for a medical condition, they’re really recommending hemp-derived CBD oil. 


CBD oil is made from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant—the only parts of the plant where cannabidiol is found. You would think, then, that it would be called “hemp oil,” but a few years ago, manufacturers and others gave that name to the oils derived from hemp seeds only. Cannabidiol or CBD, the substance with the most powerful properties, only exists in the leaves, flowers, and stalks, not the seeds. While the seeds are a great source for Omega-3 fatty acids, they don’t address anxiety, inflammation, pain, or sleep. Therefore, the two names were required. 


Still, CBD oil needs a little help from the oil from the hemp seeds as a “carrier” or matrix. While many manufacturers choose olive or coconut oil as the carrier for CBD, we prefer to provide our users with the hemp seed substances that coexist naturally with CBD. We also want to provide the Omega-3 support so prevalent in hemp seed oil. There isn’t much reason for pet owners to give their dogs 100% hemp seed oil unless they’re going strictly for the Omega-3 benefits. 


Therefore, Frenchie Fries products are considered a “whole-plant oil.” Some may call it a “broad spectrum” oil because of the range of naturally-occurring components it contains. 


Choose a hemp-derived CBD oil manufacturer that meets these standards ensures you keep your pet safe: 

  • Documentation from a third-party lab that tests the products and verifies them free of THC, heavy metals, harmful bacteria, and toxins. 
  • A Certificate of Analysis (COA): test results of the cannabinoid profile
  • Organic products made in the USA. 


Administering Hemp Oil to Your Dog

Most dogs love the taste of Frenchie Fries hemp-derived CBD oil. Our customers use the dropper to administer the drops directly to the dog’s mouth. The dog comes to view it as a treat, even though it has a mild flavor. (Dogs love to eat!)


However, the taste is individual and every once in a while a dog turns its nose up at our drops. If this is the case, simply measure the right dosage, drop it over food, and mix in.  Applying it to a soft, porous treat can get the job done as efficiently. 



The number of drops required will be clearly delineated on the products you receive. The general rule is to use .24 mg per pound of dog weight. One full dropper of Frenchie Fries 250 CBD Oil for Pets contains 8.4 mg of CBD. Dogs 31 – 60 pounds start at one full dropper.  A 20-lb pound dog, on the other hand, would get ½ to ¾ of a dropper or 5 to 6 mg. For dogs over 60 lbs, Frenchie Fries 500 CBD Oil for Pets is the recommended product as one full dropper contains 16.8 mg of CBD oil. For comparison, understand that researchers in clinical trials have administered doses ranging from 20 to 1500 mg daily.  For more detail, review the complete Frenchie Fries Co. dosing chart 


Watching for Side Effects

All studies have concluded that hemp-derived CBD oil for dogs is safe and free of nearly all side effects. 


Sometimes, pet owners report mild drowsiness. Compared to the side-effects listed on the bottle of veterinary pharmaceuticals, hemp-derived CBD oil performs with few to no downsides. People in human clinical trials sometimes report dry mouth, increased appetite, tremors, or diarrhea. You may want to watch your dog for these issues, but they are not reported at all to this point. 


The Best Hemp Oil Dogs Love is a CBD Oil

It’s almost a shame that the cannabis plant’s THC produces such a high that the medicinal attributes its other components offer were overlooked for so long. 


It’s only been in the past few years that scientists are finally recognizing that Mother Nature packed cannabis plants with incredible benefits. It all comes down to cannabidiol, a non-mind-altering cousin of THC. Today, people are using CBD in their coffee, tea, bath salts, gummy treats, and face lotions. This grassroots movement has finally caught the attention of the scientific community, and today many studies have confirmed that CBD is broadly beneficial, from pain management to supporting overall wellness, and more. 


It should still be noted however one should always consult your veterinarian before adding a supplement like a hemp oil to your dog’s routine. And never discontinue medications without first consulting your vet. 

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